Picuse is a London-based creative studio offering photography, advertising, brand identity & marketing services, emerging through a highly collaborative planning process.

Photography is pervasive and instant, consumable on anything from the printed page to the latest wearable tech. Our first & foremost offering is strong content and art direction, forged through the lens and in the studio.



London has long been a centre for creativity and commerce, and we are nestled and immersed within this bustling creative forest. The structured chaos of the capital shapes our vision and reflects our ideals.

Picuse stands for ambition and constant motion. Functional and reactive, progressive and subversive, crafting cutting-edge digital media in the intense prose of the city.



Photography and marketing are not only about preserving a single moment, or capturing something in one state. Yet sometimes it is the surreal and spontaneous that grips the imagination and persists in the mind.

Picuse understands the psyche of the consumer and we've constructed successful advertising campaigns for myriad brands and products.



Picuse believes the creative process and the delivery of the brief is fluid; it doesn’t necessarily start or finish, and we always have our eyes and ears open.

We’re progressive and we promote free-thinking. We believe in what people make, not how much they make.



Picuse has overseen many successful product launches and marketing campaigns, and is well-informed on the latest content trends and advertising vectors.

Picuse also has a fiercely contemporary intuition for content direction, and how to expose your brand and product through contemporary storytelling and distribution.



Picuse is operated by Gintare Sukyte, a photographer & advertising specialist based in London. If you have an idea for a project, or some thoughts you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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